During hockey matches, players often begin to sort things out with their fists. It’s all about the specifics of hockey, and it’s a very contact sport. According to the rules, a power struggle for the puck is allowed, but sometimes it happens that it develops into a fight. Fights in hockey happen regularly, so it is believed that they are a mandatory attribute of hockey. What matters is why hockey players get into fights in the first place. Sometimes an elementary provocation is enough to start a hand-to-hand fight, and sometimes personal hostility between the players is behind the fight. More often, opponents drop leggings, reacting to another power move or an attack on their team’s goalkeeper. Hockey players admit that they don’t get any serious injuries during such fights, and the NHL even has special “scuffle institutes” where some players are trained to fight on the ice and not score goals. There are such fighters in every NHL team who know how to make the game “colorful.” When students learn the peculiarities of different kinds of sport, they can be required to write should fighting be allowed in hockey essay. So, how to create a well-organized essay outline?

Common characteristics of an essay

A high-quality essay about fighting in hockey can be written by someone fluent in the subject, sees it from different angles, and is willing to give the reader a multifaceted view of the phenomenon that has become the starting point for his reflection. Essay writing allows you to realize and demonstrate your individuality, your personality. But, even given the diversity of species, there are several common features of the essay:

  • An essay topic is always specific. An essay cannot contain many topics or ideas. It reflects only one option and develops it. Essays are characterized by logical expressiveness of reasoning and clearly expressed authorial orientation of thinking on a specific subject of coverage and research.
  • The topic of the essay can be the beginning of the author’s thoughts to reveal much more in the future and be considered part of the whole, thus expressing the attitude of the part to the whole.
  • The essay is characterized by an individual authorial style of writing work with a certain plan and the possibility of the free composition of the author, where the internal logic of the work is subject to his thoughts in search of a personal way to reveal the chosen topic from different facets.

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