Without sports, our life would not be so interesting. Movement is life anyway and you need to do something to stay healthy. Some go in for sports since childhood because their parents send them there, and someone realizes the advantages of going in for sports. Getting a task of what is your favorite sport and why essay should disclose your preferences and motivate your choice.

Athletics: sprint and long-distance running

How useful? Running for a short distance – up to 400 m – develops speed, and makes the press and legs strong. Long and medium distances teach how to properly distribute forces on a long journey. And any run also improves coordination, and promotes the correct placement of the foot on the ground – this helps not to overload the muscles and not injure the joints.

Where can you go? Children who have running skills outperform other athletes precisely in speed. Therefore, for those who ran short distances, team sports are suitable – football, and basketball. For those who have overcome long distances, the road to orienteering and rogaining, triathlon, obstacle races.

Swimming activities

Real salvation for office workers with sedentary work, and not only for them. Swimming will help your back and lower back to unload and the muscles can be well stretched. After swimming, your sleep and mood will improve. It is significant because the quality of work depends on the quality of sleep, and work and behavior in the family depend on the mood.

  • The advantage of swimming is that you definitely do not get injured. Also, your muscles will be grateful to you for such a pleasant and thorough workout.
  • If getting slim is your goal, swimming is unlikely to suit you, because, despite the training, you will not achieve a quick effect.
  • If you want to be a jock with a heaving pile of muscles, then swimming is also not suitable, But it quite answers the question: what sport to choose if you just want to play sports.


How useful? Muscles and joints become flexible and elastic, the body becomes strong, coordination in space and balance develop, and a beautiful, correct posture is formed. Where can you go? The learned bundles of exercises on the crossbar and uneven bars will be useful for a workout – street gymnastics. The ability to maintain balance and perform elements of floor exercises will facilitate sports acrobatics, and coordination will be useful for diving.

If you got the task to describe your favorite kind of sports, the essay helper will take care of it while you are busy with some other duties.

Playing tennis

This is a game for both adults and children. You can come to it at any age, also do not forget that this is a rather expensive activity. Everything related to tennis, from the racquet to the uniform, is quite expensive. If you have enough money for your entertainment, then you can try to do this. Separately, it should be said that you will get a very good load on all muscle groups, as well as cardio at the same time. You will most likely even need to do fitness in parallel in order to withstand a sufficiently high load while playing tennis.