An essay is considered as a text in which the author is free to express their opinion on absolutely any issue. This type of essay is an excellent way to test knowledge, which develops students’ abilities to research, and analyze together with the ability to express their opinions competently and persuasively. You need to decide on a plan and stick to the structure before you begin to write a quality sport can reduce stress essay.

A few simple steps on how to write a quality essay

For your paper to be graded with the highest scores, you need to adhere to the following steps:

  • Read and understand the topic of the essay – you need to be aware of precisely what you have to write about
  • Plan – if you can systematize your ideas, then writing will be much easier for you
  • Use reliable sources and go to them – the topic “sports can reduce stress” obviously touches on human psychology and anatomy, which means you need to find data that would confirm or refute this statement, clearly show statistics, etc. However, do not engage in plagiarism
  • Write a draft – drafts are a great way to get rid of all the wrong ideas, clear your thoughts, and see how you should and shouldn’t do
  • Formulate a clear thesis statement – the thesis statement is the main argument of the essay, and it should be presented
  • Write a “clean slate”-When all the main points have been formulated and resolved, you can proceed to write the final version of the essay

In doing so, you need to keep in mind the main structure of the text:

  • An introduction – where you can describe the problems that stress brings into our lives, what health and mental problems they can cause, and also say a couple of introductory words about the solution to this problem
  • The first part of the main text -includes the first argument that you can form based on the material you have studied, and it should also be followed by evidence in the form of statistics, studies, and examples. Statistics will give readers more credibility than just words
  • The second and third parts of the main text – should include the same as the first part, which should further prove your readers right
  • Conclusion – in conclusion, you summarize all of the above, such as the fact that sports are one of the best ways to reduce stress because physical activity and increased adrenaline neutralize the adverse effects of stress

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