The stories of people who change their path are always impressive and inspiring, and today we’d like to share one such story. In this post, you will find out how the former hockey player managed to fool a drug-testing machine once, and years after started to work on cannabis products.

Meet Darren McCarty: Who is this man? 

Darren McCarty is a former player of the Red Wing hockey team of Detroit. He achieved pretty good results during plays, yet some of them were not only due to his talent as a hockey player. Darren used to improve his physical abilities with marijuana that he smoked the night before the game. He stated it helped him to fall asleep better. 

“How come he didn’t get caught?” you may ask. We don’t know all McCarty’s secrets yet since he did not reveal them, but it is known he used synthetic urine to pass the drug test before the game once and broke the testing machine. He got caught that time and was demanded to pay a substantial fine to the NHL. 

Why did he decide to join the CBD industry?

The mentioned case did not break Darren although he left his career as a hockey player. After his sports retirement, he decided to get back to the game in a new role: now, he is an owner of a CBD brand. 

Darren McCarty has gone a long way to becoming who he is now. It wasn’t a simple road since he had health issues after finishing his sports career: the doctors diagnosed him with a hernia. Then, he was given a pain-killing treatment that did not let him fall asleep so Darren decided to smoke some weed. He already knew that cannabinoids helped sleep, so he thought they would work out this time as well, and he appeared to be right. 

After that stage in his life, Darren started to study cannabis and concussions to find out how medical cannabis works. After educating himself, Darren understood that he could make cannabis products his lifework. He read many CBD oil reviews to make sure his decision was right, and after that, he started to take CBD products and weed daily. Besides working on his CBD brand, he advocates for NHL players using cannabidiol instead of addictive pain-killing drugs in his career. 

Benefits of CBD

So what are the advantages of cannabinoid products for hockey players and other sportsmen? They are the same as for all people:

  • Sleep improvement. Medical marijuana and CBD helps people to fall asleep and have quality 8-hour sleep throughout the night;
  • Killing pain. Whatever kind of pain one has, headache, muscle pain, or even cancer pain, it can be killed with CBD. You only need to pick the right dose for you;
  • Decreasing stress and anxiety. If a person suffers any anxiety disorder or even has signs of coming depression, CBD and medical marijuana can help. The overall mood will also improve.