Without sports, our life would not be so interesting. Movement is life anyway and you need to do something to stay healthy. Some go in for sports since childhood because their parents send them there, and someone realizes the advantages of going in for sports. Getting a task of what is your favorite sport and why essay should disclose your preferences and motivate your choice.

Athletics: sprint and long-distance running

How useful? Running for a short distance – up to 400 m – develops speed, and makes the press and legs strong. Long and medium distances teach how to properly distribute forces on a long journey. And any run also improves coordination, and promotes the correct placement of the foot on the ground – this helps not to overload the muscles and not injure the joints.

Where can you go? Children who have running skills outperform other athletes precisely in speed. Therefore, for those who ran short distances, team sports are suitable – football, and basketball. For those who have overcome long distances, the road to orienteering and rogaining, triathlon, obstacle races.

Swimming activities

Real salvation for office workers with sedentary work, and not only for them. Swimming will help your back and lower back to unload and the muscles can be well stretched. After swimming, your sleep and mood will improve. It is significant because the quality of work depends on the quality of sleep, and work and behavior in the family depend on the mood.

  • The advantage of swimming is that you definitely do not get injured. Also, your muscles will be grateful to you for such a pleasant and thorough workout.
  • If getting slim is your goal, swimming is unlikely to suit you, because, despite the training, you will not achieve a quick effect.
  • If you want to be a jock with a heaving pile of muscles, then swimming is also not suitable, But it quite answers the question: what sport to choose if you just want to play sports.


How useful? Muscles and joints become flexible and elastic, the body becomes strong, coordination in space and balance develop, and a beautiful, correct posture is formed. Where can you go? The learned bundles of exercises on the crossbar and uneven bars will be useful for a workout – street gymnastics. The ability to maintain balance and perform elements of floor exercises will facilitate sports acrobatics, and coordination will be useful for diving.

If you got the task to describe your favorite kind of sports, the essay helper will take care of it while you are busy with some other duties.

Playing tennis

This is a game for both adults and children. You can come to it at any age, also do not forget that this is a rather expensive activity. Everything related to tennis, from the racquet to the uniform, is quite expensive. If you have enough money for your entertainment, then you can try to do this. Separately, it should be said that you will get a very good load on all muscle groups, as well as cardio at the same time. You will most likely even need to do fitness in parallel in order to withstand a sufficiently high load while playing tennis.

During hockey matches, players often begin to sort things out with their fists. It’s all about the specifics of hockey, and it’s a very contact sport. According to the rules, a power struggle for the puck is allowed, but sometimes it happens that it develops into a fight. Fights in hockey happen regularly, so it is believed that they are a mandatory attribute of hockey. What matters is why hockey players get into fights in the first place. Sometimes an elementary provocation is enough to start a hand-to-hand fight, and sometimes personal hostility between the players is behind the fight. More often, opponents drop leggings, reacting to another power move or an attack on their team’s goalkeeper. Hockey players admit that they don’t get any serious injuries during such fights, and the NHL even has special “scuffle institutes” where some players are trained to fight on the ice and not score goals. There are such fighters in every NHL team who know how to make the game “colorful.” When students learn the peculiarities of different kinds of sport, they can be required to write should fighting be allowed in hockey essay. So, how to create a well-organized essay outline?

Common characteristics of an essay

A high-quality essay about fighting in hockey can be written by someone fluent in the subject, sees it from different angles, and is willing to give the reader a multifaceted view of the phenomenon that has become the starting point for his reflection. Essay writing allows you to realize and demonstrate your individuality, your personality. But, even given the diversity of species, there are several common features of the essay:

  • An essay topic is always specific. An essay cannot contain many topics or ideas. It reflects only one option and develops it. Essays are characterized by logical expressiveness of reasoning and clearly expressed authorial orientation of thinking on a specific subject of coverage and research.
  • The topic of the essay can be the beginning of the author’s thoughts to reveal much more in the future and be considered part of the whole, thus expressing the attitude of the part to the whole.
  • The essay is characterized by an individual authorial style of writing work with a certain plan and the possibility of the free composition of the author, where the internal logic of the work is subject to his thoughts in search of a personal way to reveal the chosen topic from different facets.

The benefits of a writing service

If you do not have time to investigate hockey rules, you can entrust your work to a paper writer who knows and loves your subject: he will deal with analytics, select arguments, draw up abstracts, and draw strong conclusions. All work is supervised by a personal manager in a personal account on the site. The service guarantees the uniqueness of the work, its compliance with the methodological requirements of your teacher, and the fulfillment of the order on time.

An essay is considered as a text in which the author is free to express their opinion on absolutely any issue. This type of essay is an excellent way to test knowledge, which develops students’ abilities to research, and analyze together with the ability to express their opinions competently and persuasively. You need to decide on a plan and stick to the structure before you begin to write a quality sport can reduce stress essay.

A few simple steps on how to write a quality essay

For your paper to be graded with the highest scores, you need to adhere to the following steps:

  • Read and understand the topic of the essay – you need to be aware of precisely what you have to write about
  • Plan – if you can systematize your ideas, then writing will be much easier for you
  • Use reliable sources and go to them – the topic “sports can reduce stress” obviously touches on human psychology and anatomy, which means you need to find data that would confirm or refute this statement, clearly show statistics, etc. However, do not engage in plagiarism
  • Write a draft – drafts are a great way to get rid of all the wrong ideas, clear your thoughts, and see how you should and shouldn’t do
  • Formulate a clear thesis statement – the thesis statement is the main argument of the essay, and it should be presented
  • Write a “clean slate”-When all the main points have been formulated and resolved, you can proceed to write the final version of the essay

In doing so, you need to keep in mind the main structure of the text:

  • An introduction – where you can describe the problems that stress brings into our lives, what health and mental problems they can cause, and also say a couple of introductory words about the solution to this problem
  • The first part of the main text -includes the first argument that you can form based on the material you have studied, and it should also be followed by evidence in the form of statistics, studies, and examples. Statistics will give readers more credibility than just words
  • The second and third parts of the main text – should include the same as the first part, which should further prove your readers right
  • Conclusion – in conclusion, you summarize all of the above, such as the fact that sports are one of the best ways to reduce stress because physical activity and increased adrenaline neutralize the adverse effects of stress

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People all over the world enjoy sports and games. Sport is no less important for children than it is for adults. Because at a young age, the foundations of future health are laid. Moreover, sport is more than just health. It has many benefits not only on the physical but also on the emotional level. Children passionate about training do not spend so much time on computers and tablets. They are inspired by their studies, successes, and goals. Exercise improves people’s well-being and appearance. Sport also keeps people in a good mood. It makes them more organized, responsible, and disciplined in life. Therefore, all educational programs in kindergartens, schools, and universities justify the importance of sports in life. Very often, students need to write everyone should play a sport essay, because it is an obligatory topic in the educational process. It is important to teach a child to play sports from an early age. Beginning to play sports, the child expands his horizons, and self-improvement forms useful character traits that, in the future, will allow him to reach certain heights.

Useful tips on how to write a good everyone should play a sport essay

The key differences between essays and other types of writing works are:

  • Small volume. It is recommended to limit to 1000 words, which is approximately 3.5 pages of printed text in 14 fonts. At the same time, students can write works of a slightly smaller volume during the educational process,
  • Clearly defined topics. The essay explores one of the broad themes.
  • When writing an essay, you should focus solely on personal experience and point of view. It is important to argue your attitude on the topic as if you are trying to convey an opinion to your best friend.
  • When writing an essay, the use of emotionally colored images, vivid comparisons, and metaphors is allowed. The work can be filled with dreaminess, melancholy, and emotions.
  • Spoken language. An essay needs to create the illusion of live communication with the reader.
  • Non-triviality of the approach. Unusual titles and well-chosen quotes allow the authors of the essay to move away from boring and worn-out templates.

Where to get help with writing assignments?

Essay writing can inspire creativity even in students with a complete technical mindset. It is a creative work that concentrates on knowledge, ideas, reasoning, and personal opinion. But what to do if there is no inspiration to write yourself? You can always ask for help from a professional essay writer. He will do everything you need for a flawless result. The work will be written by an experienced author who is well versed in the topic. If the customer or teacher has questions, the specialists are ready to refine the essay the required number of times. This service is free, as well as consultations. Besides, all customers are guaranteed complete confidentiality.

The stories of people who change their path are always impressive and inspiring, and today we’d like to share one such story. In this post, you will find out how the former hockey player managed to fool a drug-testing machine once, and years after started to work on cannabis products.

Meet Darren McCarty: Who is this man? 

Darren McCarty is a former player of the Red Wing hockey team of Detroit. He achieved pretty good results during plays, yet some of them were not only due to his talent as a hockey player. Darren used to improve his physical abilities with marijuana that he smoked the night before the game. He stated it helped him to fall asleep better. 

“How come he didn’t get caught?” you may ask. We don’t know all McCarty’s secrets yet since he did not reveal them, but it is known he used synthetic urine to pass the drug test before the game once and broke the testing machine. He got caught that time and was demanded to pay a substantial fine to the NHL. 

Why did he decide to join the CBD industry?

The mentioned case did not break Darren although he left his career as a hockey player. After his sports retirement, he decided to get back to the game in a new role: now, he is an owner of a CBD brand. 

Darren McCarty has gone a long way to becoming who he is now. It wasn’t a simple road since he had health issues after finishing his sports career: the doctors diagnosed him with a hernia. Then, he was given a pain-killing treatment that did not let him fall asleep so Darren decided to smoke some weed. He already knew that cannabinoids helped sleep, so he thought they would work out this time as well, and he appeared to be right. 

After that stage in his life, Darren started to study cannabis and concussions to find out how medical cannabis works. After educating himself, Darren understood that he could make cannabis products his lifework. He read many CBD oil reviews to make sure his decision was right, and after that, he started to take CBD products and weed daily. Besides working on his CBD brand, he advocates for NHL players using cannabidiol instead of addictive pain-killing drugs in his career. 

Benefits of CBD

So what are the advantages of cannabinoid products for hockey players and other sportsmen? They are the same as for all people:

  • Sleep improvement. Medical marijuana and CBD helps people to fall asleep and have quality 8-hour sleep throughout the night;
  • Killing pain. Whatever kind of pain one has, headache, muscle pain, or even cancer pain, it can be killed with CBD. You only need to pick the right dose for you;
  • Decreasing stress and anxiety. If a person suffers any anxiety disorder or even has signs of coming depression, CBD and medical marijuana can help. The overall mood will also improve.


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Fellow parents and association members,

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A Look Back at Memorable HYHA Moments

Squirt 1’s VHL 2012-2013 Champions

Congratulations to Head Coach Michael Salzman, Asst. Coach Jay Kelly, Asst. Coach Greg Lennox, Asst. Coach Rindress MacDonald, Team Mgr. Trish Kelly, and of course to the players:  Jackson Gates, Colton Giersch, Thomas Kelly, Dylan LaLiberte, Peter Lennox, Matthew Lynch, Colin MacDonald, Joshua Salzman, Paul Vachon, Jr., Anthony Viola, and Torin White
Congrats to Jackson Gates … MVP!!!
What a great season, and a great group of Players and Coaches!!!

Squirt 2’s VHL 2012-13 Champions

Congratulations to Head Coach Brian Sullivan, Asst. Coach Paul Soule, Team Mgr. Laura Soule, and of course to the players:  Nik DiRenzo, Matthew Hinspeter, Liam Hovey, Ryan McInnis, Jacob Roy, Ty Soule, Kevin Sullivan, Clayton Thomas, and Sal Vella.
Congrats to Nik DiRenzo … MVP!!!
Great Coaches, Great Players, Great Season!!!!

Cavalier Teams find pot of gold at end of rainbow

March 16-18 2012

The Cavaliers Squirt AAA and Bantam teams competed in the St. Patrick’s Pot-O’-Gold Tournament 16-18 March 2012 at the Union Arena in Woodstock, VT.  Both teams captured the championship for their respective division.

In the Shamrock Division (Squirt) tourney opener Friday evening, the CAVs displayed their potent offense defeating the Middlebury (VT) Tigers by the score of 8-0.  The game initially seemed to be fairly evenly matched, but after the CAVs had their first goal called back mid-way through the first period the flood gates opened.  The CAVs scoring efforts was led by Brandon Hugh who tallied a hat trick.  Defensively CAVs goalie Ben Goolsby and defensemen Anil Rao/David Wang and Sean Kelly/Chris Sullivan prevented the Huskies from generating any offense.
With the stands packed with CAVs fan, the Blarney Division (Bantam) opener immediately followed the squirt game.  The CAVs battled the Middlebury Tigers to a 3-3 tie.  The CAVs displayed excellent passing in the offensive zone with Cam Richall netting 2 tallies for the CAVs.  While defensive lines Alex Fagan, Tom Johnson, Evan Daskalos, Jack Ruonala and Jack Shields did an excellent job controlling the puck in their zone late in the game.

The CAVs Squirt team could not celebrate too much Friday night with a 7:20am Saturday morning game against the Henniker Huskies, a team they would see again in the championship game. The CAVs front lines of Isaac Rogers/Austin Csizek/ Brandon Hugh and TJ Vitullo/Max Sears/Brendon Ferrio did an excellent job cycling the puck in the offensive zone and generated a ton of shots against a tough Huskies goalie, but could not break open the game.  With the CAVs fans sitting on the edge of their seats, a late game penalty and the Huskies goalie pulled, the CAVs faced 6 on 4 for nearly 2 minutes.  TJ Vitullo, Max Sears, Sean Kelly and Isaac Rogers battled to control the puck, while goalie Ben Goolsby made some key saves to help the CAVs come away with the 3-2 victory.

In their second game, the Bantams faced the hometown Woodstock Jr Wasps.  With a tie the previous evening the CAVs needed a big win to help to ensure they were in the best position to advance in the tourney.  Goalie Curtis Richall, who did an excellent job blocking shots and controlling rebounds, helping the CAVs shut down a good Woodstock team to notch a 5-1 win.  Offensively the CAVs Gordon Sears, Robbie Lavine, Evan Conners, Jeremiah Latham, Brett Pitre, Sean Chipman, Cam Richall, and Tyler Roberge did an excellent job passing the puck while serving out some hard hits to the Jr Wasps.

Saturday evening the CAVs Squirt team faced the hometown Woodstock Marauders.  Though the Marauders broke out early to take a 1-0 lead the CAVs Brendon Ferrio netted two quick tallies to put the CAVS up.  However, the Marauders continued to battle back and tied the game 2-2.  With the teams playing 4 on 4, Isaac Rogers made a beautiful pass to TJ Vitullo who beat Marauders goalie to put the Cavs up 3-2, The CAVs would net another goal in the third period defeating the Marauders by the score of 4-2.

In the last game Saturday Night the CAVs Bantams squared off against the Henniker Huskies.  In an extremely physical contest the teams were tied 1-1 when a serious of hits by both teams set the Arena in an uproar.  The Henniker team decided it had had enough and walked off the ice, forfeiting to the CAVs 2-1.

In the Championship match-up Sunday the CAVS squirt team again paired-off against a tough Henniker team, and their commanding goalie.  The first period ended and it looked like the game would be a repeat of their previous meeting.  However, the second period opened up and the front lines of Isaac Rogers/Austin Csizek/Brandon Hugh and TJ Vitullo/Max Sears/Brendon Ferrio created several scoring opportunities, while the Cavs defensive unit of Sean Kelly/Chris Sullivan, David Wang/Anil Rao and goalie Ben Goolsby shut-down the offense of their opponents. When the dust settled the CAVs had notched a 4-1 victory and swept the tourney.

The CAVs TJ Vitullo was selected as the Squirt MVP for his excellent two way play.  In the tournament skills competition the CAVs Isaac Rogers won the shooting drills, goalie Ben Goolsby took second in the goalie drills, and the CAVS relay team took third place.
In the final game of the tourney Sunday the CAVs Bantams faced the hometown Woodstock Jr Wasps. The Union Arena was a buzz from the events the previous evening.  Both teams displayed a lot of physical play early trying to knock the other team off their game.  However, the CAVs defensive unit of goalie Curtis Richall, Alex Fagan, Tom Johnson, James Young, Jack Shields, Evan Daskalos, and Jack Ruonala, soon took control of the game in the defensive zone.  Offensively the CAVs Cam Richall, Robbie Lavine, Jeremiah Latham, Gordon Sears, Dalton Dorie, Brett Pitre, Evan Conners, Tyler Roberge, XXX Chipman kept the Wasps scrambling with excellent passing and puck control.  As the clock ran down the CAVSs celebrated a 4-1 victory to capture the championship.  The CAVs Robbie LaVine was selected as the Squirt MVP.

February 2009

The Hollis Cavaliers Peewee 1’s took the Nation’s Capital by storm this weekend touring Washington DC, laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery and sweeping the competition in the Congressional Cup Tournament! The tournament was played in the Skatequest Rink in Reston VA and in the Ashburn Ice House in Ashburn, VA. The Cavaliers played against the Hollydell (NJ) Hurricanes, the Bridgewater (NJ) Bears and the Delaware Jr. Blue Hens beating all three teams and in the Finals, beat the Hollydell Hurricanes 4:2 on Monday February 16th.

This weekend, the Cavs came together on the ice and played as a team with a common goal, that being to take the “Cup” back to NH. Defenseman, Ian McNamara (age 11), put it best: “We didn’t drive 8 hours to take 2nd place!”

Saturday 2/14/09, in game 1 vs. the Hurricanes, the Cavs started off with intensity, and put great pressure on the Hurricanes goal tender right away. There were some great chances to score, but at the end of the 1st, it was still 0:0.

Early in the 2nd period, Liam Conners scored firing up the 50 or so Cavaliers fans who had made the trip from NH. Tom Johnson and Daniel Ash earned the assists. The battles continued on the ice from one end to the other. Goal tenders Travis Howard and Connor McDonald both stood tall between the pipes making great saves for Hollis.

With less than a minute in the game, the Hurricanes pulled their goalie, but it was not to be. Cam Blake broke free in the Cavs zone and made a perfect shot from mid ice to find the empty net making it 2:0 (Hollis).

Sunday 2/15/09, in game 2 vs. the Bears (NJ), both teams came out hard. It was a physical and aggressive matchup, but Hollis found the back of the net twice before the 1st period was over. Daniel Ash scored first for Hollis and, defenseman Connor Tierney made a head’s up play feeding Cam Blake who took the Bears goalie by surprise with a fast hard shot that he just couldn’t stop.

Every Cavalier gave it their best in this game. The defensive lines of Ian McNamara, Aidan Conlon, Jake Galgay, John Butler, Connor Tierney and Tyler Dodge did their job keeping the Bears out of the zone and away from Howard and McDonald. When they did get through, both Howard and McDonald performed flawlessly. Offensively, Cam Ricard, Cam Blake, Brendan MacVarish, Taylor Farrow, Tom Johnson, Liam Conners, Kyle Rogers and Daniel Ash swarmed in and out of the Bears zone serving up hard hits and nice passes giving themselves plenty of opportunity.

But, the Bears were not going down easily. With the score at 2:0 (Hollis), it seemed as if the gloves would come off and the whistle blew again and again. There were penalties on both sides and it seemed as if the last 5 minutes of the 3rd period crept by putting these Cavalier Hockey Mom’s on the edge! But, the clock did wind down and the boys from NH (and Mass) made their coaches and their families proud winning it 2:0 again!

Monday 2/16/09, in game 3 vs. Jr. Blue Hens (Delaware). The Cavs were up early for an 8:20 game and it was apparent that they had gotten a good night’s rest! Taylor Farrow scored 2 goals, one of which was unassisted and the other was an assist from Cam Ricard. The 3rd Hollis goal was a sharp wrist shot from Ian McNamara who received a pass from down low. Final score was Hollis 3:1 securing their spot in the finals later in the day!

Monday 2/16/09 – in FINALs Cavaliers vs. Hurricanes. Hollis came to the rink ready to serve the Hurricanes some humble pie and got on the score board first. Taking advantage of a 5 on 3 power play situation, Cam Ricard roofed the puck over the fallen goalie from the side of the net putting it home. Connor Tierney earned the assist. Ricard scored less than a minute later on the same power play on a pass to Taylor Farrow that deflected into the net off of a NJ defenseman’s skate. This made it 2:0 all in the 1st period.

Late in the 2nd period, NJ scored on a power play in their favor. Offensively Liam Conners, Daniel Ash, Kyle Rogers, Tom Johnson, Taylor Farrow and Brendan MacVarish played very well killing penalties as did the entire defense, to get the Cavs through the 2nd period during which they lead with a 3rd goal by John Butler. Butler deposited the loose puck after a mad scramble in front of the NJ net.

Cam Blake sealed the deal skating in from the center line making a move around the NJ defeneman and putting it in the 5-hole. When the clock ran down, the Cavs celebration of their 4:2 win was sweet with gloves high in the air.

Coach Bob Hug stated: “We went the first 8 periods without giving up a goal and only gave up 3 goals for the entire tourney. This was due to great TEAM defense and, of course, the co-MVPs Connor (McDonald) and Travis (Howard) (goaltenders).”

Cavaliers – 2006 Dual State Champions!

April 17,2006

Three Cavaliers teams win their divisions to become 2006 Dual State Champions.

Mite 1D.DoireMVP of the game
Squirt 1D.GillisMVP of the game
Bantam 2B.MooreMVP of the game

Congratulations to all the players, coaches and parents. Good job!

Mite 1 Team Wins Lobster Trap Tournament in Squirt Division

February 28, 2006

The Cavaliers’ Mite 1 team went to Maine expecting to play some stiff competition and to get some valuable experience- they got both and a Championship trophy to boot! The team registered in the Squirt B Division when the Mite A level of the tournament was eliminated from the program. The competition was fierce and we all found out that ‘they grow ’em big up there’, but the Cavs put it all together and, with the great goaltending of Alex Fansel, the superb and fierce defensive play of Ian McNamara, Michael Barrett, Aidan Conlon and Daniel Ash, the relentless forechecking and backcheking of our corps of forwards Adin Farhat, Michael Chiasson, Joe Nutting, Kyle Stephens, Alex Maresco, Tom Johnson, Noah Cote and Daniel Donovan the Cavs managed to fight their way into the playoff round. There they won an exciting game against the previously-undefeated Red Devils, 5-4, to gain a Finals berth.

The Championship game posed a bigger challenge as the Cavs would face the undefeated Eagles in a rematch. Joe Nutting’s goal gave the Cavs a 1-0 lead which was relinquished with only minutes to play in the game. The 1-1 tie brought us to overtime in which Kyle Stevens masterfully won a face off (less than 3 minutes into the OT frame), went around the opposing center and deposited the puck over the goalie’s shoulder and into the back of the net. The Cavaliers were CHAMPIONS! It was a great weekend for all. The coaching staff, the parents, the brothers and sisters, the grandparents and especially the players not only brought a trophy back from Maine but also tons of great memories and lots of respect! As the players would say it, we ‘ate the lobster!’

Bantams Take Gold at Lake Placid

February 28, 2006

The Hollis Cavaliers Bantam Hockey team traveled to Lake Placid this past weekend and took home the Gold from The Can/Am Challenge Cup. The tournament ended with a close 2-1 victory over a fierce competitor from Rye, NY

Congratulations to Kyle Beiter, Stephen Burgoyne, Patrick Clark, Mike Connolly, David Cyr, Lorin Field, Mark Firmani, Greg Girtatos, Bobby Horn, Kevin Johansen, Eric LaVigne, Matt Lemire, Derek Nutter, Sean Paradis, Peter Poulakos and Ryan Sharp. Head Coach Tim Clark Assistant Coaches Ed Horn, Wayne Allard.