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2018-2019 Tryout Dates

01/12/2018, 1:00pm EST
By Paul Soule

Tryout dates for the 2018 - 2019 season have been finalized and are listed below...

Mite  - Skills 3/6/18 @ 5:05pm / Scrimmage 3/13/18 @ 5:05pm

Squirt - Skills 3/5/18 @ 5:55pm / Scrimmage 3/12/18 @ 5:55pm

PeeWee - Skills 3/5/18 @ 7:20pm / Scrimmage 3/12/18 @ 7:20pm

Bantam - Skills 3/5/18 @ 8:20pm / Scrimmage 3/12/18 @ 8:20pm

Midget - Skills 3/18/18 @ 9:40am / Scrimmage 3/18/18 @10:50am


All tryouts will take place at Skate 3 Arena in Tyngsboro, MA.

Online registration will be available by 2/1/18 at

Please click the link below for additional information.




November 2017 Association Meeting

11/21/2017, 10:30am EST
By Tamara Oetjens

November 2017 Association Meeting


VHL Season

Parity round has been completed and divisions have been realigned. Round 1 schedule has been posted into early January.


Weekly Skills

Weekly skills has been successful so far. Since the Midget season is complete, we have moved the PW players to attend skills with the Bantam players to increase the number of players attending that session. Moving forward, both squirt teams will have skills one week and the Bantams and PW players will be the following week. If there is something that you think your player needs to work on, please reach out to Ed Viola. He is always open to suggestions.


Mini Mite Program

After hosting the Bruins Academy, we were able to pick up a few more players. We currently have 15 kids on our mini mite program. Please let us know if you know anyone that may be interested in joining the team.


Groton Tourney

Tourney in the woods registration is open and fills quickly. If you are interested in registering for this tournament, please do so asap. It has been a Cav’s tradition for years to have several teams participate in this fun week of hockey.


Midget Team Season

The Midget team ended their split season schedule last weekend. The team had a successful season finishing with a record 9-4-2. Thanks to Coach Sully, Coach Darryl and Coach Jay for their work with the Midgets this season.


Holiday Charity Giving

The Cavaliers’ organization feels that it is important to make a positive impact on our community. In years past, we have contributed to Toys for Tots. Last year we were able to purchase over $9,000 in toys. The most challenging part of the entire process with Toys for Tots was coordinating with the Marines. We want to continue the tradition of our players giving back to the community. This year, we have decided to partner with The Front Door Agency. An email with all the details will be sent out soon.


Skate 3

Please remind the players that they are not allowed on the ice until the Zamboni is off the ice and the doors are closed. Also, effective immediately, players are not allowed to sit on the boards while the Zamboni is cleaning the ice. A player recently fell off the boards and was nearly hit by the Zamboni.


Tryout Dates

We are finalizing tryout dates for early March and should have final dates in the next couple weeks. Please plan accordingly for any Spring tournaments that you may want to attend.


Christmas Eve Fun Skate

We will be opening up the 9:40 and 10:50 sheets of ice on Sunday, December 24th for a fun pick-up skate for anyone that would like to attend.


August Association Meeting

08/27/2017, 2:00pm EDT
By Tamara Oetjens

August 2017 Association Meeting Minutes


Summer Skate: We had another successful summer skate this year with 45 kids participating in the program. Thanks to Coach Sully, Coach Dan, Ed Viola and student coaches Chris Sullivan, Noah Mills and Ty Soule for all their help.


2017-2018 Teams: We have 85 kids playing for us this upcoming season with 6 teams in total. 2 squirt, 1 PW, 2 Bantam and 1 split season Midget team.


2017-2018 Head Coaches are:

-Squirt 1 Paul Soule

-Squirt 2 Dave Chase

-PW 1 Jay Kelly

-Bantam 1 Dave Parent

-Bantam 2 Mike Dodge

-Midget 1 Brian Sullivan


Uniforms: Once all uniforms orders have arrived, we will contact team managers to arrange a day for distribution. Players will receive their uniforms before their first game.


VHL Schedule: The VHL schedule was released on 8/25/17


2017-2018 Practice Times:


Monday 5:55-6:45 Squirt 1 and Squirt 2

Monday 7:20-8:10 PW1 and Bantam 2

Monday 8:20-9:10 Bantam 1 and Midget 1


Friday 7:20-8:10 Squirt 1 and Squirt 2

Friday 8:20-9:10 PW1 and Bantam 2

Friday 9:20-10:10 Bantam 1 and Midget 1


NO PRACTICES FRIDAY 9/1 and FRIDAY 9/8 due to Skate 3 tournaments


Coaching Director: Bob Hug retired as our coaching director at the end of last season and will be replaced with Ed Viola. We were able to get to know Ed this summer when he helped run the summer skate. He has experience coaching all levels, from youth to college. He will also be in charge of running our weekly skills this year. Bob and Ed have known each other for many years and we are looking forward to having Ed join us this season.


Weekly Skills: This year we were able to get a sheet of weeknight ice to use for our weekly skills sessions. Ed Viola will be running the weekly skills and we will once again split the sessions into 2 groups. Squirts and PW will run one week and Bantam and Midgets will run the following week. We will be offering skills the entire season and it will take place every Tuesday at 5:05. The session will begin on September 12th with the Squirt and PW teams.


Director of Player Development: We thought we had a need to have someone focus on drawing younger players to the association since our Mite numbers have been low the last couple seasons. We have decided to name Brian Sullivan as our Director of Player Development. We are hoping Coach Sully will be a draw to get some younger players into the game. Brian will be running our mini-mite program this season as well as coaching our split season Midget team.


GSL Tournament: We drew the Bantam Tier 4 Tournament at the NHAHA annual meeting. These tournaments are a good source of income for us. The tournament will be held March 9,10 and 11th. As always, we will be looking for volunteers.


Goalie Clinic: In past seasons we have always split the cost of Goalie Clinic with the Riverhawks. We would share the cost of the ice and then pay Mike Geragosian his fee to run the clinics. Since the Riverhawks were bought by the Islanders last year we needed to find another option so we could continue to offer Goalie Clinic to our goalies. With 6 teams we are not able to financially justify the cost of 20 weeks of ice ($5,200) and Mike Geragosian’s fee ($4,000) for the small number of goaltenders that were participating. We will still offer 20 goalie clinic sessions to each team’s goalie at no additional cost to those players. Each goalie will be able to attend 20 of  Mike’s Sunday morning clinics in Woburn, MA.  The  clinics will run with Mites, Squirts and PW at 9:50 and Bantams and Midgets at 10:50. There will be times when a player will not be able to attend due to a Sunday morning game. Since Mike’s sessions run for 30 weeks, our goalies will be able to get their 20 sessions completed within that 30 week period. They will not need to go to all 20 sessions in a row.


Tuition Payments: We need to pay our bills on time, so we need our members to pay their tuition on time. We have already paid nearly $25,000 to the VHL and the start of the season is still two weeks away. If your payments are not current when the season starts, we may have to pull children from the ice. We established a tuition payment structure for the upcoming season that clearly outlines when payments are due. During registration, you were given the choice to have a direct withdrawal  from a credit card or to be invoiced monthly and to pay offline. Either way, payment is due on the 15th of each month.


Night Out With The Cavs: We are looking into possibly doing a night out for all the association parents at a local function hall sometime in early October or November. It would include a DJ, dancing, food and raffles.


Mini Mite Program: Coach Sully will be running our mini mite program for players 5-9 years of age that have a good skating ability on Sunday mornings. This is not a learn to skate program. The program will be split into two sessions. The first session will run from September-December and cost $350 and the second session will cost $325 and run from January-March. Contact Amy Doughty with any questions.


Bruins Academy: We have partnered with the Bruins Academy to provide equipment to players ages 5-9 for 4 learn to play sessions on October 1st, 8th, 5 and 22nd at 10:50 in the blue rink. We are looking for coaches to help on the ice for those 4 Sunday morning sessions. Our hope is that by running the program we will be able to gain some mini mite players.


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