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September Association Meeting
by posted 09/08/2014

September Association Meeting

Skate 3 Meeting Room

September 18,2014

7:00 PM 




The next Association meeting will be held at Skate 3 on Thursday Sept. 18th at 7:00 PM. 

One representative from each team is required to attend, but all members are encouraged to attend. Remember, this is your association, so your input is extremely useful.

Agenda items will include, Fundraising, Skills, Goalie Skills, and other start of the season items.



Chuck Richall

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Important Links you might need this season
by posted 09/07/2014

Here are some  links you might be looking for this season.  


We have the Bauer Warm ups available through Brine Sporting Goods.  Samples were available at the kickoff and Friday night during jersey hand outs.  If you are interested- this is a totally OPTIONAL! No one is required to buy these.


Local Pro Sports is located in Brookline NH, they have an online team store for the Southern NH Cavaliers.  We ask that this is the only place you purchase your spirit wear.  Dave and his wife Michelle are very good to the Cavaliers and we appreciate their partnership.  Please check out the variety of sweatshirts, t- shirts, and other fun spirit related items.  They have added a few new items to this years line up.  Please check it out.!/~/category/id=4508488&offset=0&sort=normal


PlayPositive is a liberty Mutual campaign that encourages good sportsmanship.  This is fundraising campaign. Its quick and simple.  If you click on the link below and sign the pledge you put the Southern NH Cavaliers one step closer to winning $2500.00.  We encourage you to pass the link along to family members and even further.  The more pledges the better our chances of winning.  We only have 39 days left to pledge!


​We thank you in advance for your support of our ongoing efforts!  Good luck to all of our teams this season!

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