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Mini Mite program

We are still accepting Mini-Mite Players for Session 1, below is some information


  • ADM Mite limited travel hockey for boys and girls ages 5-8
  • Cost: $450 per session or $800 for full year
  • Deposits $100 for 1 session or $200 for full year will be applied to tuition
  • 14 week sessions, 28 hours of ice time Jerseys and socks provided
  • Consistent ice times each week & Multi-team jamborees
  • Enrollment is limited to 24 players, high coach to player ratio
  • USA Hockey certified coaches 
  • Rental equipment available



Please contact Chuck Richall at for more Info


2014/2015 October Association Meeting Agenda

Meeting started @ 7:04pm

Board members present: Chuck Richall, Paul Soule, Laura Soule, Liz Sears, Amy Doughty

Members present: approximately 15



Kelly D’Ortona had some ideas for fundraising:   

  1. Monarchs Game on 12/27- the Stanley Cup will be there.  They are selling $16 tickets and we can re-sell them for $20.

  2. Staples has calendars on sale- we could make a Cavaliers calendar.  Cost price $4.99, re-sell them for $10.  12 month calendars.  We have 10 teams-  each team gets a month and 2 extra will be Kickoff party picture and Toys for Tots picture.  

  3. Lollipops- sell like a raffle, $1 per lollipop, wrap in $50 or $100 bills.

  4. Mini Sticks- need to purchase 250 minimum.  Can personalize or just put Cavaliers on them.   Might be a good idea for Try Hockey for Free promotion.

Mark Morowski suggested a large 50/50 raffle selling tickets for $50 or $100, selling only 100 tickets, this can yield the association up to $5,000.  Chuck reported this did not work well in the past- but we can re-examine it.

Jerseys and Apparel

  • The Bauer warm-ups have arrived and have been passed out.

    • We will re open the order early in November- look for details via email soon.

  • The pink jersey order has been processed and is complete

  • Socks will go onto the Local Pro Sports website. Parents can order them there.  Replacement costs are $10.



  • Treasurer’s Report-  $61,424 outstanding at this point.

  • Pictures are in for most teams.  Teams that were not complete on the first night are not ready.


  • USA Hockey Registrations

  • Rosters

  • CEP/Safesport/modules for coaches

Coaching Director

  • Alex Macleod & Noah Mills  applied to be student coaches.  Their application was accepted and they are thrilled to be working with the mini mites.

  • Question was asked about student coaches- they do not necessarily need to be part of the Cavaliers organization.  Each applicant is interviewed and consideration is given to the amount of time they can volunteer. Applicants must be at least 13 years old.

  • There was a concern from a few parents about player behavior both in the locker room and on the ice.  Dan will be involved in trying to work on a solution to this problem.  This has been an ongoing concern with one of the teams. The outcome will be discussed with the parents who voiced the concerns.


Grow the Game

  • We had to cancel the “Try Hockey for Free”  on November 8th due to conflicts with ice at Skate 3. We will host the 2nd event in February.


  • The season is wrapping up for the Midgets, please check the schedule and come see a game. This is a great opportunity to show the kids what they can expect to be doing in the upcoming years.

  • The Midget Tournament in November has 4 teams involved. Chuck will be the Director. Volunteers are needed, please sign up. There will be another email going out. Squirt Tournament in late February has been taken by the Soules.

Game/Practice Schedule

  • VHL parity round games are almost over, Round 1 Bridge schedule has been posted, the remainder of Round 1 should be available next week.

  • Goalie Clinic is ongoing, we have had good attendance.

  • Skills with PSR Hockey is going well, everyone seems to be pleased with what the kids are getting.

  • Roger Grillo from USA Hockey has offered to come to us for a Checking Clinic. He has done this for other associations in the area and is happy to do so. The issue being that kids aren’t being taught the proper way to use the body. It will be Tuesday November 18th at 5:40. ONLY 2nd year Peewees and all Bantams are eligible to attend. Midget and Bantam coaches are asked to help out on the ice. The Pee Wee AA1 team won Bruins tickets for that night as a team, we are looking at scheduling an additional checking clinic.

  • Mini-Mites will be using 1 of the 2 hours of ice on Sundays, the other hour may be used for additional practices, if you are interested, check with Chuck and he will let you know if it is available.

  • Skate 3 has a Junior Showcase Tournament that Chuck was just informed about, unfortunately we lose all of our ice on 11/7-9.  This is a skills week, Chuck is looking into changing locations, not sure if it will happen.

New Items

  • Mr. Ricard is working on building an outdoor ice rink in the town of Hollis, at the tennis courts.  Bob Hug has a meeting with him to discuss the progress.  This will be exciting for the town and meaningful for the Ricard family.

  • Toys for Tots will continue this year. Coach Hug is going to reach out to the people at the Marine’s and Toys r Us. He will let us know a date and time.


End time: 8:03


by posted 10/20/2014
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