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2nd Annual Cam Ricard Pond Hockey Tournament


As many of you know Cam was a former Cavalier that lost his life in a car accident last December. Please support this event if you are able to. The Tournament date is Saturday January 3rd.


Below is the info regarding the 2nd Annual Cam Ricard Pond Hockey Tournament, this year we will host a 2 different rinks ( Brookline and Hollis)…..we are looking for goalies to participate as well especially in Hollis where we plan to have full size goalie nets at both ends assuming we have the goalies to play in nets


Chuck Richall


Joshua Powers
Joshua Powers 10:13pm Dec 1
Hello everyone!
From Today Until DECEMBER 27TH - you can register teams of 3 people to play in the tournament. All ages and all skill levels are welcomed and encouraged to attend. 
To register, please send an email to with the names of the members of your team, and your skill levels (1-10 scale). 
We would like to suggest that each team make a $15 donation for playing ($5 per person), but of course you're more than welcome to donate more if you would like. 
We will be opening registration to 50 teams this year as we now have two rinks that are available for use (Brookline and Hollis).
We look forward to your sign ups!
- Josh, Brian & Nate
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